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Amni Soul Eco Fabric

 Aligning technology, design and environmental responsibility to an eco-friendly result. The Amni Soul Eco’s improved formula allows clothes made with it to quickly decompose after being disposed in landfills. Watch the video and learn more about its process. 

Handmade in Brazil


Our handmade pieces are so versatile that you can wear them from the studio to the streets.

  • Quick-drying fabric
  • UVA & UVB Protection

50+ UVB/UVA Protection built in

You will love this,  especially if you engage in outdoor activities. 

The softest touch around

Customers often praise the fit and feel of our fabric, stating that it feels like "second skin" while still offering the necessary support

Quick Drying

Perfect for any sweaty or water activity. 

Limited edition prints

They are produced in smaller quantities, making them irresistible and creating sense of urgency for our customers